Friends and Neighbors,

Again, more mud-slinging by our Republican Council members and Mayor! It should be illegal to just make things up, print it and then distribute it around town. The Democratic challengers have no plans to demolish Main Street to clear the way for more housing. Especially Section 8 housing! We all live here too! This is clearly just a lie tactic to have voters change their minds. When you can campaign on great ideas, policies or successes you’ve had, you don't need to resort to these tactics. I think it’s because they are desperate and scared. None of their touts of accomplishments have helped you or me, the taxpayers of Manville.

The Republicans have been in control of the council for 7 of the last 10 years. There has been plenty of time for them to carry out any plans they may have about the mall. If they had plans, why haven’t we heard of them? They have the authority to talk and act on any plans for the mall.

Why don’t Pattie and Mike talk about their plan? Because they are not on council and cannot speak about a plan that they have no authority to act on. You must first discuss your plan with a developer and once the concept is accepted, then the arduous work on the details of the plan can come to fruition.

Please don’t let this slanderous literature change your mind about who are the best candidates. Pattie is a life-long Manville resident and has with knowledge of personnel and financial record keeping at borough hall. Mike gives his time to our children of Manville. Has he coached your child? Could it be that he missed Recreation Committee meetings because he was coaching? Perhaps he didn’t like what was going on?

This town is too small for the political mudslinging that has been launched at the Democratic candidates by their opponents. Not one of the Democratic brochures has mentioned anyone by name. They only spoke about the inactions of the current Republican controlled council. They clearly show that they are willing to put parties aside and will work with the entire council. That is what is best for Manville and the reason why they have my vote tomorrow, November 6th!

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