Manville NJ Elected Officials

Angelo Corradino

Manville Mayor

1992-2007 & 2012 to 2015

Retired 2015


Manville Borough Council


Instrumental in working with the Adesa Corporation to redevelop the former contaminated property owned by the Johns Manville Corporation.


Negotiated with Adesa Auto Auctions to subdivide the property to construct the Marketplace at Manville, bringing with it Wal-Mart, Reading Cinema, and Super A&P with a discussion if A&P should close, we would welcome a Super Wal-Mart, along with additional fine shops and restaurants for our residents to enjoy.


Negotiated with Adesa to build a new Police Station and at the same time purchased a former bank building, converting it into a new Municipal Building and Court House at minimum cost to the taxpayers.


Received Federal and State Grants to build a new Public Works Building after Hurricane Floyd destroyed the former building.

Successfully lobbied for aid from both the Federal and State governments to help Manville residents affected by the flooding from Hurricane Floyd.


Spearheaded the Shared Services Program making Manville the forerunner in shared service agreements, and saving millions to taxpayers according to a study by the Somerset County Business Partnership.


Worked closely with EPA and DEP to obtain the necessary funding to clean up the Claremont section and the Rustic Mall area from Creosote Contamination left by American Creosote in the late 1920s.


Instituted Community Day and the Street Fair.


Secured grants from Federal and State agencies in order to maintain needed Road Improvement Program for Manville

Ed Komoroski


Manville Borough Council

2008 - 2010

2012 - 2015

Mark Gregor


Manville Borough Council

2013 - 2016

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