The Manville Democrats are looking for qualified individuals for County Committee


What is County Committee?

  • County Committee consists of one male and one female from each voting district within the municipality.  Members are elected at the June primary election with the term for Democratic County Committee being 4 years

  • The Chair of the Manville Democrats does have the ability to appoint qualified candidates to any open position outside of the election cycle 



What does a County Committee Person do?

  • Votes to endorse local, county, and state Democratic candidates at the Somerset County Democratic Convention

  • Meets monthly as part of the Manville Democratic Club to discuss local issues, vote on Club actions and/or business and supports ongoing Club events  

  • Talks with neighbors within your district to identify and promote issues and positions reflecting the interests of our community

  • Supports local Democratic candidates for Manville Mayor and/or Borough Council through canvassing, educating voters, fundraising and attending campaign events. 

  • May also be called upon to run for open seats as needed.

  • Serves as a poll challenger during local elections



How can I get involved?

We currently have openings in the following voting districts:

2 - Male

3 – Male

6 – Female

7 – Male 

If you are interested, please send an email to the Manville Democratic Club Chair, Ron Skirkanish at

Paid for by the Manville Democratic Club, PO Box 42, Manville NJ  08835

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